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Helllloooo and good morning to you all. I've been up since 6am for no apparent reason (╥_╥) Last night I watched tons of videos of Dr. Pimple Popper popping pimples on Youtube, and I showed my dad some of them, and he really liked them (∪ ◡ ∪) His mum (my grandma r.i.p.) also loved pimples and blackheads and whatnot, so now I know where that lil hobby of mine comes from... And grandma, dad and I also have partners that do not enjoy this hobby at all (ಠ‿ಠ)
Here is a link to Dr. Pimple Popper's Youtube channel for those interested, and here is a link to a page that only shows cute gifs of dogs for those less inclined to pimple-popping (hit 'space' for a new dog gif). 
With hope that today will be a good, or at least bearable, day for most people on Earth, I bid you adieu~ 

spore (∪ ◡ ∪)

I dreamt that I had a little pink pet, like a tiny pink rhino, and it was so cute!! It acted kind of like a dog. Ooh, imagine if Myrra was a pink labrador!! So, when I woke up this morning, I reallyreallyreally wanted to play Spore. Remember that game that Maxis really hyped and then it never became successful, where you create a lil cell that gets to evolve? Yeah, that game. It was really cheap in the Origin client (and also available for Mac!! yay!!!) so I bought it and made my cute lil Bonbon cell. It has evolved into a lil fella with legs now 。◕ ‿ ◕。
It's so scary with all the angry carnivores though, they just attack with no reason! And then there are the giant monsters walking around... 
There are five different stages when you play.
  • Cell - where you're just a lil cell swimming around, eating green stuff if you're a herbivore and pink stuff if you're a carnivore (and all the stuff you can find if you're an omnivore, which the name implies....)
  • Creature - now you have legs!! If you're a herbivore, you run around making friends with other creatures. If you're a carnivore you attack and eat other creatures. The point is that your brain needs to grow until you become a sentinent being.
  • Tribe - here you have a tribe and a lil hut! Either you attack other tribes or make allies with them. 
  • Civilization - now you have a city and you need to conquer other cities, either by economic, military or religious means. Here's where I get bored (and I also panic because of the other nations attacking (╯_╰) )
  • Space - I've barely played this stage because I find it boring, and manoeuvering the spaceship is too difficult.
Usually I just start from cell, and then keep playing the creature mode (◕‿-) Now I'm in space, but I'm way too tired to keep playing. Nightynight~ 

date night~

Demis and I decided that a cutesy date was long overdue (and we really wanted to watch the new Bond movie) so we went into town. The sunset over Stockholm was stunning, gosh~ 

So we saw the hugely anticipated Spectre, which I have been so so so excited for since news for it came out, and it was... Crap. Well, the cinematography and the styling of the characters were great, but overall: no. They turned the whole Big-Brother-is-watching-you into an actual big brother, and also keeping the regular Big Brother concept. Not the TV-show, but the constant surveillance thing. It was rubbish, just like the title song by Sam Smith. Crapshit. Moist socks and other horrible things.
I'm so disappointed • n • And the last time Demis and I went to the movies (without it being a Hobbit film) was when we went to see After Earth, which is a super crappy movie. Maybe we should stop watching movies together... I'm feeling a bit worried about the new Star Wars film, if this trend keeps up ._.''


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